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We put our focus, expertise and passion on Color Grading and DCP Mastering processes. These are the main services we offer and is the reason « WEMCO™ » exists. But Post-Production has a lot of tasks surround into it, and we know sometimes you need more than Grading and DCP to get your project done. Fortunately, thanks to our trusted and plural network of professionals and production companies we can offer you variety of solutions, from subtitles, translation and title sequence design to cloud storage for really big files.

Please take a look to our list of services and let's work together!


Remote Workflow
is Our Master Key

Color Grading

Short Films, Music Videos, Commercials, Branded Content and Feature Films are welcome in We Make Color.

DCP Mastering

When the small screen is not enough you can hire our remote DCP Mastering service. We'll guide you through the entire process.


We can prepare your film for each screen and platform: Facebook, Instagram, Led Billboard, Netflix, Broadcast and more.

Post-Production Supervision

Of course we believe in the power of « we can solve it in post » but why not to solve it before the shooting day?


Reach all audiences including subtitling in your movies. We can generate .srt tracks, close caption or burned in subtitles.


We have a team capable of translating dialogues in three of the world's major languages: Spanish, English and French.

Title Sequence Design

The people who worked on your film deserve great recognition. Let us design some credits so that they feel proud.

Cloud Storage For Really Big Files

Let's go big and forget about the cloud storage issues. We can provide you secure cloud storage for days, months or years.