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Who We Are

We are a trusted network of colorists and awesome production companies working remotely from different places of the world.

What We Believe

"We believe work is no longer a place. It can happen from any space, any place, anytime, anywhere". We love travel, we love films, technology, Internet, milk shakes and of course, we enjoy bringing ideas to life.

How We Wok

We work with high qualified professionals and audiovisual companies around the world offering post-production services with friendly rates and fast turnaround times. We use DaVinci Resolve Studio and Autodesk Scratch in combination with our brilliant eyes and other top utilities for manage each project. Google Cloud Services is our main secure cloud server for storage the rushes and all the deliverables but in order to warranty our 99.9% up-time in the cloud we use Dropbox and Filemail for manage all the backups. is our collaboration platform to review, get feedback and manage the day-to-day workflow with our clients, in this way, you can forget about tons of Emails and put the focus on the project.

Our Team

Felipe Martínez
Co-Founder, Lead Colorist - Worldwide
Juliana Zuluaga
Brand Manager - Colombia
Raúl Fernández Ballester
Colorist - México City
James Corchuelo
Co-Founder, Colorist - París, France

Some Brands We've Worked With.

From Small To Big Companies.

Inter-American Development Bank

Volkswagen Colombia



One Drop


World Vision

Whirlpool México